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Dr Jim McMorran

Editor in Chief and co-founder of Primary Care Notebook

“I am a practising Family Practitioner in a busy city practice, as well as Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Primary Care Notebook. The website has existed since 2001 — but the database was originally produced while the core authors were medical students in the 1990s, and it became a reflection of our learning and knowledge as we progressed through medical school and into our working lives.

Today, Primary Care Notebook is used by tens of thousands of primary care professionals across the world. If you haven’t done so already, I warmly invite you to join the Primary Care Notebook community, where we aim to save you time and keep you up-to-date.”


Contains more than 27,000 index terms. Hundreds of content updates made every month.


Rapidly find the content you need using specific search terms or by browsing clinical


Designed for use both during and outside the consultation. Works on all your devices.


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United States.

What is Primary Care Notebook?

Primary Care Notebook is a concise synopsis of the entire field of clinical medicine focussed on the needs of the primary care physician and family practitioner.

The medical content is continually being updated and we take a pragmatic approach to authoring: we look out for topical issues, keep track of the journals and update material in response to user feedback. Our editorial decisions are based on merit and are not influenced by
any funding bodies. 

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