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We're happy that GPnotebook has assisted so many.

Literally no idea where I would be without GPnotebook, at medical school it was just part and parcel of daily revision and now whilst working it's still very useful. The best put-together medical text online in the world. Well done guys. Keep it up.
Dr. Gash Kimeon-Michael Nicodemus Mbizvo
Thank you for continuing to provide such a clear and practical resource. Really useful in consultations and for appraisal. I've been using it for about 4 years, both when working in Australia and now in the UK.
Dr. Terese Tubman
GPnotebook is a really excellent resource. I very much appreciate all the hard work that it must take to keep it up to date.
Dr. Elizabeth McDarmaid
GPnotebook is the most useful website for education and information in the world.
Dr. Ali N. Al-Mansour
I am a working GP in a village in Ireland. The information that I can access on GPNotebook is 1st class. Thanks for your help working with my patients
Dr. Craig Bishop
Been using GPN for years. I wouldn't be able to get through the day without it especially with the increasing amount of secondary care conditions that we now have to manage. Just a note to say thanks.
Dr. Allan Green
....for the most part your site is able to clarify any confusion, saving me a lot of time by avoiding endless internet searches. I just wanted to thank you and say that this site has been an invaluable resource for me.
Dr. A.Alexander
I have found this website rich with accurate and up to date information. Would like to thank everyone involved in making GPnotebook what it is, please keep up the good work.
Dr. Azadul Islam
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